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Amethyst Wings, LLC

By Appointment Only:
Erase Your Fear Speaking Engagement AND Spiritual – Psychic Readings, Reiki Healing, etc., and All Media Presentations. If you would like to have Francesca appear at your Office, School, Conference, T.V. Station, Radio Station, or Home Event.
Please Contact:
Francesca’s Earth Angel’s Staff For Now, You Can Reach Francesca through Francesca’s Earth Angels Staff
(201) 952-2032 * Please Phone. This is The Best Way to Reach Francesca.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Francesca: Spiritual – Psychic Consultant
Reiki Master
Ordained Minister
Specialty Speaker
Master Energy Light Worker
Animal Intuitive
Designer Artist Songwriter

1 coupon for 1 free accident Photo to be e-mailed or sent via snail mail once the photos are released. One photo per customer.
Prices may be subject to change.

Francesca’s Readings Have Crossed the Globe. Delivering Messages basically since she could talk 60 – some years ago. She has brought smiles, giggles, and shivers to many.
Just now, coming out of psychic reading retirement, you too can enjoy a personal reading with Francesca.
By the way, Francesca is not only a gifted psychic but an equally gifted Reiki Master.
Let her help your body, mind, and spirit heal themselves through the ancient art of Hand’s on/off healing. (This is not a substitute for medical attention. Always seek medical advice. Reiki allows the body to relax so that healing may easily and deeply occur.)
Francesca combines both psychic energy and Reiki to give you an in-depth session, both energizing and relaxing.
Reiki works in the background, going where it is needed most, allowing the body to relax so completely that it can heal on all levels.
Francesca’s Reiki Sessions are held in Bergen County, NJ, for adults, children, and pets.


Erase Your Fear Speaking Event: Personal Appearances Flat Personal Appearance Fee for Offices, Group Meetings, 1 to 8 people
Hear about Erase Your Fear, Q and A time and See the Photos.

Mini Conference Hall Base Fee Plus: Self Pay Per Person:

1 to 100 people
$75.00 per person

Medium Conference Hall Base Fee Plus: Self Pay Per Person

1 to 150 people
$125.00 per person

Large Conference Theater Base Fee Plus: Self Pay Per Person

1 to 500 people
$200.00 per person
* Includes: 1 blessed autographed accident photo.
*** Prices are subject to change.
T.V. appearance $1,500.00
Radio Appearances $1,000.00
Psychic Mini Readings – Home Events and Parties Per Person$60.00. Each. No Base Fee
must have a minimum of 9 to 12 people. * Includes 1 blessed autographed accident photo
Spiritual – Psychic Full Consultations & Readings per individual appointment.$150.00
Reiki 40 minutes $75.00
60 minutes $95.00