Reiki Energy Healing and Growing Up
an Animal Intuitive

Fond Memories
As a young teen sitting around the holiday table, over coffee and cake, my uncle Richie would feel pain or discomfort in his neck. "Frannie, come here. Please rub my neck, it hurts."
I'd say, "OK." and I would sit behind him and rub his neck until he felt better. Pretty soon, I worked my way around the table. It was fun, kept me busy, and I got to help people feel better. I was doing Reiki without knowing it. I found that I could also feel the pain, pinpoint where it was, and direct it to go away.
Yes, it started out with hands-on, but I found that all I had to do was hold my hands on their necks or hold my hands above their necks, not even touching them, and it still worked. I didn't know that I was, actually "Doing Reiki."

Amethyst Wings, LLC
Amethyst Wings, LLC

It would be many years before I found out what it was called.

Ah, the power of Reik. Reiki allows the body to relax so deeply inside that the body can actually heal itself. I'm not saying that Reiki is a do-all, cure-all, and it's not an excuse not to see a doctor. By all means, go get that 3,000-mile tune-up; however, do use Reiki as a compliment to physical medicine.

As my story begins, told by my mom from day one, I have always had special bonds with the animal kingdom. Her Border Collie and I were best buds. I would share my teething briskets with "Cindy," and she would keep me from getting into trouble like running up the driveway. She would grab my dress with her teeth and gently lower me to the ground until Mom could get to me.

Then, when I was around 1 1/2 years old, Mom and Dad took me to the circus. The finale was coming up, and Mom thought it was a good idea to leave before the show was over to avoid the crowds rushing out to their cars.
As we went outside, the animal trainers were lining up the elephants. No one thought it would be wrong to stop and say hello to the elephants (this was the early 60s), not Dad, Mom, or the trainers, and so the story goes, we stopped to say hello.
I was talking to the lead and largest elephant in the lineup, "Beulla," as well as a  small toddler could talk. I can recall this memory, hugging and petting Beulla, and somehow, either verbally or mentally, I must have conveyed to her the notion of coming home with me. As we were walking to the parking lot, Mom turned around to see Beulla walking behind us. Mom shouted to dad,"Get between the cars!". Just then they heard the elephant trainer calling to Beulla, "Come on, Beulla Come Back!" Beulla slowly turned and reluctantly went back with her trainer to go on to becoming the star she was meant to be. Well, Wouldn't you want a pet elephant of your own?  I would.

Amethyst Wings, LLC
Amethyst Wings, LLC

Next a family party, not such a fond memory but important just the same. My family went to my cousin Ann Marie's to celebrate. I believe it was her First Holy Communion. Everyone was downstairs, and I was in the living room on the main floor. Snooper, their dog, came in, and I sat on the floor to pet her. I have noticed that I will sometimes connect with animals or the spirit world on a level where I will not speak, but I hear myself and the animal, be it a dog, cat, or whatever, having a dialog. Sometimes, I would only hear the animal's or spirit's voice. It would surprise me, and I'd snap out of this conversational type of trance.
On this particular day, petting this very friendly dog, I distinctly heard Snooper say to me: "I'm going to die soon. I am going to be hit by a car." I remember hugging Snooper, feeling so sad for him or her; I don't recall if this dog was a boy or a girl. As a kid, I just knew that it was all spontaneous, and I could not control this part of my life. There was also the dilemma of Do I go and tell my aunt or uncle. Do I tell my cousins? Do I even tell my parents? If I said anything, I'd ruin the party. If I said anything, they would all think I was crazy, so I kept this to myself. Maybe if I had said something, they would have kept Snooper inside and perhaps would not have been hit by a car. But I also knew on a higher level that I could not interfere with the powers that be. This had to happen so this dog could go on to its next life and assignment.
Snooper died soon after and had been hit by a car.

Nice Horsey
I was 14 when I first tried horseback riding. I loved it, but even more than riding the horses, I loved hanging with them. Talking to them, petting them. Then, I became aware that it was happening again. I could hear them talking to me; I could hear my thoughts speaking to them.
Then there was Wilbur.

It was our second trip to the stable in Warwick, NY. The horse I had previously ridden was out on the trail, and so I connected with Wilbur.  I wanted to ride him. The stable manager said, "No."
I was devastated. He told me Wilbur was not to be ridden by anyone who had not grown up around horses - he was a bit ornery, to say the least. He could be fresh, but definitely not for an inexperienced rider.

Well, my parents and brother were all saddled up and waiting for a horse to come back for me. I practically begged to ride him. I had spent about 30 minutes petting and talking with Wilbur,  and the manager finally gave in, though he looked at me kinda funny when I told him Wilbur promised to behave himself. (Lol) The manager did say in no uncertain terms: "Any problems out there and the trail director will bring you back - without Wilbur." I thanked him over and over. I rode Wilbur, and he was a perfect horse. It was an easy ride, no problems, no troubles, just a fun time.

When we returned that guy was scratching his head in disbelief and said: "Little Lady, you can ride Wilbur anytime you want." I spent about 15/20 minutes saying goodbye to Wilbur, and I know I told him that I wished he could be mine and come home with me. I didn't think anything of it until I was on my way to the car when Wilbur pulled his reins off of the fence and followed me to the car. The manager caught up with us before Wilbur actually made it to the car.
What a sweet horse. P.S. Horses are natural Reiki animals and can and will give Reiki to whomever they feel needs it. They can also sense other Reiki Attuned beings.

A Nature Chef

As a young teen, 12 and 13 years old, aside from Baton Twirling, Dance and Music classes, and playing baseball and football with my brother and neighborhood gang, the time I spent with my nature friends was the most enchanting and peaceful.
I loved to experiment with baking for the birds and squirrels. All kinds of goodies. Why throw out stale pantry foods? After school, I used them to invent my own recipes. Once I made a double-high layer cake that when my brother came home with a friend, this friend just had to have some.

Never mind that the outside of this "Bird Cake" WAS LADEN FULL OF Bird Seed. Never mind that the ingredients for this and all of my Recipes were full of stale and rancid pantry products.

Old raisins, flour, oats, maple syrup, cranberries, nuts, anything left over or not used in a long while went into my Bird Cake. I went upstairs for a while until the cake cooled.
When I came down and found a nice big slice missing, I was more than a little shocked.
"Hey Billy, who ate my cake?" "Mark did." Came the reply. "He said it was really good. But just a little too many seeds."

OK. Guess I have a winner. By the way... The Birds and Squirrels loved it also.

I used to sit outside on the ground, birdseed in hand, some bread or bird cake, nuts, apples, and raisins, and feed my feathered and furry friends. It would start out with just a couple of birds and a squirrel or two, then increase to a yard full. Mom would come home from work, and as she neared the top step, a flock of birds of all kinds would fly upward in a flurry of feathers. The squirrels, a bit more brazen, would hang out.

I studied which birds made what sounds, and pretty soon, I found I could mimic them. I could go outside and "Call" the birds with different chirps and caws. Sparrows, Bluejays, Titmice, Black Capped Chickadees, Red Wing Blackbirds. All kinds. Peaceful friends. No Drama. I would hear Mom telling folks,
"It is the most unbelievable feeling to walk up the steps and find your child in the middle of this flutter like out of the movie The Birds. They were everywhere. It was scary yet so amazing.

I still go outside to this day and call my feathered friends. The squirrels come along. We chatted to each other. So many hours I spent raising baby orphaned squirrels, raccoons, and skunks. Even Barnyard Ducks. However, the ducks were partial to Spaghetti with Ricotta Cheese. They loved it. I know they loved it, but how could I say no?
The raccoons loved their eggs and Blueberries, and after my wedding, leftovers went to the cats, dogs, and raccoons, who all dined on prime rib and all the trimmings. Those days were just the best.

I've taken a lot of ribbing over the years for my ways. In my way, I am different for not caring what people think of me. I am different, and what makes me really different is that I don't really care. I embrace it.
When I was around seven years old, my family visited our Aunt Loretta. She and Uncle Angelo had three teenage daughters, whom I adored. They were fun and always made us feel welcome, and Aunt Loretta was a piece of work. So much fun and full of life. Well......

We went over for a pool swim one day, and it lasted well into the night. But as things would have it, I wandered off from the others. Not far, just to the end of the yard where it was slightly wooded and there was a brook. As I stood there staring at the water and listening to the sounds, I turned to my left. I froze, not from fright but from sheer awe. About 10 feet from me on the embankment and going down into the brook to cross to the other side of it was a young yearling white buffalo.

I had to tell someone. I may have been only seven, but I knew there were no buffalo in New Jersey in the 1960s. Which really is the reason why it was so strange. I'm sure I was a bit frightened after I thought about it.
But it must have meant something.
Long story short. I told my three older cousins, and they were at first sympathetic toward me and my story.

Then, the fun began, at least for them. Jeanie, Olivia, and Nancy teased and tortured me in good humor, I'm sure, but they would go into other basement rooms and say that the monster was going to kill them and eat them. I ran upstairs, and they came up and opened the door a crack like they could not get out because The Monster had them. Their screams and cries now terrified me.

This went on for some time. Seeing how upset and frightened I was now becoming, they gave me some candy. Candy, right? "Goobers Raisinets." One problem. They told me I had to eat them to make the monster go away. Of the candy, they didn't tell me they were "Goobers". They told me they were Chocolate-covered Ants !!!

The point is that I was seeing into the past. The young buffalo was the past, showing me something special. Psychically, it's called Post-cognition, Retro-cognition, or hindsight. This has also happened to me at home in the studio at the back of our property.

It was a drizzly, gray day. I had been redesigning and planning how my design cottage would take shape.
I was tired and closed my eyes for just a couple of minutes, but I did not fall asleep. While sitting there listening to the gentle fall of rain, I recall hearing a rooster crowing, chickens clucking, and a cow mooing.
I opened my eyes. Nothing around, no animals inside or out. It was so life-like that I had to get up and go outside to take a look around. I came in, and I closed my eyes again.

There it was once again. A Rooster Crowing. Chickens Clucking and a Cow Mooing. I started thinking that someone on one of the streets on the other side of the woods had some animals that they were not supposed to have. I called Mom, and she told me that when she was ten, she moved here to our Paramus home, and the property did, in fact, have roosters, chickens, and cows. Not only that, but they also had a slaughterhouse here.
I was hearing the past.

The Long Version of this website will be an e-book. Be looking for it in 2025.