Extra Tidbits

Dad's message from Beyond the Grave.
Dad passed in front of Mom, me, and my son, niece, and nephew. It's traumatic for us all. After this, the three kids all shut down differently for what seemed like forever, and they were never the same again.
A couple of months went by, and it was Mom and me against the world. We did everything that needed to be done, including Dad's chores, with a big difference. There was absolutely No Help from three young adults. Twenty-three, eighteen, and seventeen and no real help and lots of aggravation. It was hard just to get someone to take the garbage out. Many nights, I just took it out so as not to get a headache.
Those who have passed over see us and our struggles. Dad must have been very upset over their unwillingness to assist. However, he was able, just as in life, to get the message across. He had a friend who was equally talented in the psychic communication department, and they practiced sending messages to each other regularly. With much success, I might add. This increased the strength of this talent even in death.
Well, one night, I had a dream that I was out by the patio/pond area next to the driveway.
Dad pulled into the driveway and backed up the hearse he was driving to the patio. He got out of the hearse very upset and proceeded to pull his coffin out of the hearse and land it on the patio. I knew it was his coffin because it was still draped with the American flag. Dad clearly had a message for us all. He proceeded to pull his heavy coffin with all his might, and here was the message, which took  about three days to figure out.

I had told mom about dad and his message.  So there we are the two of us trying to figure it out until  three days later we had an answer.
Tell the kids to "Pull Their Own Weight !!!" He saw the heartache Mom and I were going through and the pressure we were under. Dad was telling me to tell Mom to Make the kids pull their own weight. Dad once again got the message through, this time from beyond the grave. Other messages have come through, but I thought this one was worth mentioning. Things got a little better, but never really back to what they were.

"I Really want that."
I was doing psychic readings in a bookstore in Hackensack, NJ, in the late 1990s when a woman walked in and sat down at my table. She seemed lovely, though a bit preoccupied. Her mind kept wondering.

I proceeded to read for her, and things got a bit funny. I kept smelling the most delicious BLT sandwich I had ever smelled in my life. It was wonderful, but there was only one problem... There wasn't any food around.
No luncheonette. No Snack bar. Nothing.

As I read, I can remember that I finally stopped and said, "Where is that smell coming from." My thoughts were that she also could smell that sandwich. "What smell?" she asked quite innocently.
"That BLT. It smells heavenly." With this, she started laughing; well, once she got over the shock, the stunned look disappeared from her eyes. I asked what was so funny, and she blurted out.
"I have wanted a BLT all day. It was either get this reading, which I really wanted, or get the BLT. I wanted it so bad I could taste it, and it's all that's on my mind."

She wanted it so badly that I was able to smell it. The delicious smell of that BLT was communicated into my mind through the reading. Long story short, we ended the reading with a giggle, and she went on to get that BLT.

* Another time, reading to a woman in a mall, the sound of violins came through, accompanied by a piano. I heard it so loud and clear that I thought they were in the mall section with us. Turns out that the woman I was reading for had studied both violin and piano extensively as a child until she was about twenty years old, and her talents for both came through during her reading. The funniest things pop up, and I never know what will happen during a reading.

Al's Grandmother visits
A friend of mine called and said that he needed a reading right away. There was a death in his family, and he was very upset.

Upon arriving, Al came into the house, and he brought along a visitor. An invisible visitor.

Turns out that his grandmother came along for the ride. We began the reading. I described the woman's personality, height, weight, hairstyle, etc. She came along and, during the reading, was standing behind him and then to the side. She was calm and pleasant and actually quite interested in the reading, paying attention. She wanted to know that her grandson would be OK.
She felt his pain and wanted to comfort him.
I guess I should have offered her a chair, but I didn't think of it at the time.

Al was happy and more relaxed, knowing she would be in a better place. By confirming her personality and physical appearance, Al knew he was getting a Real Reading. His grandma was happy and moved on, knowing that her grandson was going to be alright.

Animal Intuitive at the Hair Salon
(what follows is the full e-mail reprint from Lysa, Owner of Haircraft Studio in Rochelle Park, NJ)
(Thank you, Lysa, for the lovely write-up. Stitch, I couldn't do it without you.)
I have always accepted and understood that there are people with psychic gifts and intuition; they can see or feel things about people that others can not. Well, thanks to Francesca, I learned that sometimes those people have a gift with the animal kingdom as well.

Francesca has been a long-time client of my hair salon. Although we had spoken many times about hair color, I had never cut her hair and knew very little of her personality, nor did she know me.

One day, I had my dog Stitch with me- he is a certified therapy dog, friendly and calm, so he visits often. Francesca came in and was happily surprised! She's a real animal lover. She'd never met Stitch before, so I introduced them and asked her if she would keep him company for a few minutes.

When I returned, she commented, "Stitch loves his pasta!" I replied, laughing, "Yeah, he could stand to lose a couple of pounds!"

"No, ... I mean, he really liked the pasta he ate last night. Pasta with ricotta cheese."

Now, that's absolutely an *impossible* dinner to say out of the blue- but my husband Danny actually eats pasta with ricotta constantly! Of course, he shares the leftovers with Stitch. I told her, although I had worked late the night before, I knew Danny had steak for dinner, not pasta. She said, "Well... Stitch is telling me he had it last night..." I said, "Listen, even if he ate it a few days ago, that's just an incredible thing for you to pick up on!"

Francesca just smiled...then she told me Stitch was in pain right "here" in his back- and pointed right above his knees... where he has had 2 surgeries. I was impressed- I'm sure she was right and admitted I had been slacking off on his glucosamine supplements. We chatted some more about this and that, and then I went back to work.

Late that night, I told my husband Danny (who NEVER believed in psychics, human or otherwise) the story about Francesca and Stitch. He looked at me incredulously, and he couldn't speak for a minute. Then he told me...

"Lysa, I *did* eat steak last night...but only after I decided I didn't want the bowl of pasta with ricotta that I'd made first... That bowl... I gave it to Stitch. How did she know that!?! YOU didn't even know that!"

I smiled and asked, "NOW, do you believe?"

Thank you, Lysa. You're a love.
- Francesca


Mom Comes For a Visit

A few months before moms passing she began yelling in her sleep. Not an angry yell, a very frightened and elongated sound not easily forgotten. At this time we shared the same bedroom. We were both nervous about our bedrooms being on the second floor of the house. Me, because in an emergency I couldn't always get my prosthetic leg on quickly, and Mom in her 80's couldn't rush down the steps. The next day I asked her about this particular seemingly nightmare from the night before.

Mom told me she was on a train. And on this train there were hundreds of people. Standing room only for the most part. The odd thing was that these people were of all ages and nationalities. Even the very young children and babies seemed to be standing. The train was moving very fast, and now began to be climbing uphill. This train was now not only climbing uphill but was encircling a massively huge mountain. Round and round and climbing higher and higher Mom told me by the time they were just about to the top she was so frightened that she jumped off the train right through the door landing in her bed with a thud and still yelling. I asked her if she was alright and she said, "Yes" and she fell back asleep. It was then that I realized that Mom was beginning her astral life journey to the after life.

This practice flight happened on more than one occasion. She didn't always recall what the "dream" was about or any details but would usually drop back into her body with the famous thud from an astral dream.

Fast forward on Mom on home hospice. Mom and I were very close. It was an honor and a privilege to keep her home with me in these last days.

It was an extreme amount of hard work but it was worth it.

Mom lost her ability to talk which was so sad and she had a beautiful voice and loved to sing. I would stand by her petting her head telling her how nice she looked and how slim she became. She had lost quite a bit of weight and I would tell her how much I loved her. She would pat the bed looking for my hand. When she found it, she would hold my hand over her heart and raise my hand to her mouth and kiss it. And then I would tell her I love her too and she would smile. She would repeat this several more times before drifting off to sleep.

The night Mom passed I had fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion. I awoke to hear her yell again as she did countless other times. I got off the couch and went over to her. I went to use the bathroom; came out went over to her and she was gone. It's been said that she waited until I was out of the room before she would pass. I was with her 24/7 so I suppose that's right.

Fast forward past the wake and funeral, the last of the overnight guests had finally left. It was Friday night and I had fallen asleep and woke up around 3am crying. It all just started to hit me. I know the death process and the soul lives on but that's my Mom. I got up to use the bathroom and washed my face and hands and went back to the empty living room. Turned on the TV and sat down. As I watched the television I thought I saw something move. I could from my peripheral vision see the pantry and was now frightened, as I thought someone was there. I stayed calm and told myself no one was there. If there was, the dog, Mom's princess would bark. Now again, I saw something. Our house is what they call a train track, you can see into each room through open arch ways. I now looked back at the TV and saw something move from the pantry into the kitchen.

There in the middle of the kitchen was the most beautiful sight. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. The size was about 5 feet tall and the color was blue and white. It was a swirly like taffy being pulled. Not just blue but a shade of blue so beautiful. I'd never seen that shade before swirled with white looking like ribbons folding into itself. You can't make this stuff up. It was then that I knew and I said out loud-"Mom couldn't you have waited until I cleaned the kitchen" (after all there was a lot of company). Then she shot across the room and out of sight. Forget about the TV! I was watching full straight on the greatest show.

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I hope that it has helped those of you who really need answers and relief to questions on your mind.  Be looking for our expanded version coming in 2025.

God Bless you all.