What Happened Next?

I awoke as I was being wheeled down the brightly lit hallway of the hospital. So very fast. When I arrived in the trauma room, I was so very cold that... OK. This is hard.
I am going to sidestep one moment to prepare you.

God forbid you are ever in an accident of this caliber. This is what happens...
You are cold because they take every stitch of clothing off of you. So, if you don't die from the accident, you practically die of embarrassment! No clothes. No sheet.

I was freezing. I kept my purse sitting on the table in the corner as a focal point and just watched it. I just watched it until they tried to turn me over.


I screamed so much, so loud, and made sounds that I didn't know that I was capable of that I actually scarred myself. I was hurting - badly. My skin felt as if it were on fire.

The doctors could not touch my skin without me screaming from pain.
Every inch of my body was in trauma and spasm. I heard the doctor shout for someone to get something into my I.V. I asked the nurse nearest to me what he asked for. She was very kind and told me I.V. muscle relaxers because every part of my body was in spasm, that they couldn't touch me without me screaming and in so much pain. A few minutes later, the exams continued. Because I was awake, they didn't have to run tubes up my nose and down my throat.

I did, however, have to drink that horrible drink, contrast, I think it was called. They gave me a straw, and I had to drink it so they could get the pictures they needed.
I certainly didn't want tubes, so I drank it.
They ran a catheter. They took blood. Oh, and get this. The medical report, when I finally did see it months later, said that I had Opiates in my blood. Can you believe it? Anyone who knew me knew that would be impossible since I didn't drink, didn't take drugs, or anything else.
And do you know why the report said I had opiates in my blood? Because they took blood After they shot me up with enough muscle relaxers to choke a horse. They checked me for internal bleeding, broken bones, yadda yadda yadda, and I don't know what else. Finally, I was dressed in a gown and sheets. They sent me for scans, ex-rays, and what have you and then cleared me for the E.R. so I could see my parents and register a room as I would be staying for a while.

Oh, yes...while I was either overturning or in the ambulance, not sure which, I went home. Astrally. I saw my son, still up at 11 pm or so. I watched him turn toward me and get a frightened/nervous look on his face. He grabbed a blanket and quickly ran into the kitchen by my mom. Mom was at the stove, opening the oven door. He sat down with his blanket wrapped around him. He looked frightened. Mom looked at him, then she looked worried, and I was back in my body. They received the phone call somewhere after this.

Mom was waiting for me in the E.R. She was happy I was alright, but then it hit the fan. "You hit a pole?" "That's it, you are never going out at night again. You got that?!" Woe. Hold on... "Mom, SHE Hit Me! I was on my way home." Mom didn't know this. A nurse called her to say I was in the hospital; it's bad, come in. Your daughter hit a pole. Yes, I did hit a pole, but not until the other driver hit me, pushing me into a pole. Well, I told her everything that happened. I also told her about the woman who helped me, and by then, my stomach was getting kind of hot. It's more like my back right through my center. I told Mom to please tell the nurse or someone. I said, "Not to worry, but I'm getting hot in my middle."

She later told me that when she told the nurse this bit of news, the whole team of doctors swarmed the ex-ray lights where my films were up, and there it was. They found it and sent me down for more tests. They missed a T-12 /L-1 Burst Fx of the spine.

While I was getting more ex-rays, Mom spoke with the police, who were still at the E.R., as they didn't know if they were arresting the woman who hit me for vehicular manslaughter if I passed over.
As it turns out, Mom told the officer about the woman who stayed with me and that she wanted to thank her.
The cop was dumbfounded.
He said no one was in the car with me except his partner, then said, "And believe me, my partner is No Lady."

I did tell you that I would let you know why it was important that the woman who got into the car with me at the accident scene was black.
After the photos were developed, she was in them. Right on the hood of my car, her image, a Black Angel with wing tips, Rosary beads, and a Halo.
No one goes near or on toward death alone.

Fear is a strange thing. Faith is stronger. While fear can make you run or be paralyzed by it, Faith can bring you to a situation and make you stand up to it or fight for it.

Update: The Accident was Not my fault. The Police were called and on their way. And while yes, I have/had nerve damage, coordination mishaps, survivor's guilt, trouble moving, tremendous pain, broken teeth, PTSD, and I could not drive for 13 years, I Am Fine. To look at me, you would never guess that I had been in a horrific accident. Have Faith. Choose Faith. Believe me; You Want your Heavenly Home, Boys and Girls on your side.

Erase your fear of Death from your mind. If you are chosen to stay after a horrific accident, you will always grow from it. The people around you will grow, too. Everyone will grow and learn, and it's worth it. If you are chosen to leave here, know that you are a chosen one also. It could be that your mission is accomplished. It could be that God knows that later down the line, you may have something go wrong with your body or mind, and he doesn't want you to suffer. God wants special angels on his team for special assignments, for gaining more brownie points in Heaven, and you get to help others from a better place. Know that you are extra special. You may need to leave so that you can come back quickly to do something more important in your next lifetime. We are all energy, and energy Never goes away.

Your next assignment into this earthly plain could be the trip of a lifetime.

The Secret to Erase Your Fear

The Secret to Erase Your Fear is this:
1. Knowing. Just know and accept, knowing that all is well. That God has it all under control. He is the Master Designer, and He will Erase Your Fear - All Your Fears if you just know that He Will.
2. Accept It. Accept What will be. There's no use fighting it. That never works.
3. Surrender. Fear is Pain, but pain can be taken away. How? You may harbor deep down pain by surrendering all of your sadness, hurt, and any other kind of misery.
4. Choose to be happy; choose to be like a child. Look at things through a child's eyes of questions and excitement.
5. Take Dad's Advice. Father knows best. Go to God, Jesus, and Mary with an open heart. Be honest, be caring, be open and listen. Tell them everything you are feeling.
6. Erase the Fear of Death from your mind. Stop thinking about it. The more you think about it, the more darkness you will draw into your life.
7. Live Life. God designed you and gave you a beautiful life to live and enjoy.
8. Be Grateful Always. For Everything. No matter what. Good things, Bad things. What you have and what you don't have. There is a Reason for Everything. Just accept there is a reason for everything, and you will be at peace.
9. Forgive Others. Forgive Yourself. Give yourself permission to be happy. Know that you deserve all that is good. Know that you deserve to love and to be loved. Know that you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Treat others with kindness and respect. Help those that you can help. Know that God gave us all a sense of humor and that we should use humor and all of our God-given talents and gifts, and we will make God proud of us. Don't waste time, resources, or peace.
Know that God wants these things for you.
Do these things, and You Will Erase Your Fear.