Erase Your Fear
(Yes, You Can.)
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Specialty Speaker, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Em-path, Spiritual Advisor and Psychic Counselor-Reader, Master Energy Worker, Animal Intuitive, Author, Designer, Artist and Songwriter.

When it all started
Francesca has been freaking her mom out since she began to talk sixty-something years ago.
Somehow, she just knew things. The time would come to tell that her talents did not stop there.
Her art, writings, and music are nice but certainly would not frighten you or leave you speechless.
So, it's only natural that Francesca should talk about her experiences to help others.
But when you're a kid, this sort of material may not be the best conversational subject in school.
They already think you are strange because you are quiet, well-mannered, and shy, so let's add -
I see things and know things before they happen.
Let's also add I can talk to animals, and they talk to me. I can feel your pain.
I can also feel the hate that you aim at me.

As Francesca got older, she found that there were terms to explain all the mysteries of what she had been experiencing.
She was Psychic. She was an Empath. She could hear what had not been said. She could see and feel energy, get visions, talk about an item she'd hold, tell whom it belonged to, etc. She could touch you and make you feel better.
She could go to sleep and take souls on their journey home as she slept and visited with those whom she dearly missed.
This "Hocus Pocus" stuff, for the most part, works while Francesca is reading for others.
Not very often for herself, Not her family. No one close to her. Sometimes yes. Most times, no.
It all comes down to, as Francesca says, "It's kinda like God's way of keeping 'em honest."

We are on a Journey.

Now that you have learned that there will be someone there when you die who will take you over, not necessarily Francesca, but there will be someone there so that you are not and will not be alone.
If you are frightened, you will be fine and never need to be afraid of anything.
Come with us on this amazing journey, from talking to animals to talking to ghosts.
Come and listen as Francesca tells you about her personal experiences, her mom's, and others' experiences firsthand of the amazing graces from our heavenly home.

The photos taken of Francesca's horrific auto accident, revealed images of Jesus, Angels, and St. Theresa on her car.
Hear how a woman got into the car to help Francesca, but the police could not see the woman.
Hear how St. Raphael came to Francesca in a dream before surgery and told her that he got her the right doctor - someone just as good as the one she wanted but could not have.

Hear how Francesca's mother's Rosary beads turned gold. There is so much more, sure to hold you spellbound and give you the chills and a giggle or two.

Please be patient about seeing the photos. We will also be having group galleries so you can hear firsthand about everything on the website, including seeing the photos.
We just can't release them as yet. We are working on a world premier so everyone can see them and have a chance to own a copy of them. We do not want them knocked or mocked.
Especially before they have their chance to be seen by the world.
Thank you for understanding.

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